Youth Ministry

Here’s what’s going on with Youth Ministry!

Monthly Large Groups & Small Group Bible Studies:

Just like last year, we’ll be having monthly large groups and then filling the other weeks with small group Bible studies. We love partnering this ministry with you by having these events in your homes! If you’d like to host your student’s small group or a large group (or a couple of each), you can sign up by following THIS LINK!

Personal Bible Reading:

This semester, I’m making a bet with our students! If we have 30 of our kids here at Covenant read the New Testament before the end of the year, I will shave a mohawk into my head. In order to prove for me that they’ve read the book, I’ll have a 5-question “book report” for them to fill out, that will also give them a framework for how to read the Bible!

Pray For Me:

Finally, our official launch of the Pray for Me campaign will be the first week of September! Your student will receive their prayer partners for the year, and if you would like to pray for one of your child’s peers this year, I would love to have y’all praying for each others’ kids through this program as well! If you haven’t already, you can either sign up at the church or just tell me that you’d like to do Pray for Me this year!